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113: I am Tosk!” Scott MacDonald’s Star Trek Career, Part 1

Scott MacDonald has had some of the most substantial guest star roles throughout Star Trek, all while playing aliens covered from head to toe in makeup and prosthetics. Even more peculiar, Scott’s first two Star Trek roles practically aired back to back when they first ran on television, an extremely rare thing to happen even today!

We discuss his first role in Trek (and on TV) as Tosk in the first season Star Trek DS9 episode “Captive Pursuit,” and he followed that up by playing a Romulan named N’Vek in the sixth season TNG episode “Face of the Enemy.” After that, he played Gowron’s brother in the “Star Trek: Klingon” PC game, directed by Jonathan Frakes and working alongside Robert O’Reilly!

Scott gives us some of the most in-depth behind-the-scenes Star Trek stories ever to tell us about the horrors of his makeup routine as Tosk, including contacts that caused searing pain to his eyes, the special things he asked of the writers as that character, gearing up to be a Romulan while still wearing his Tosk makeup, why N’Vek was supposed to be a recurring character in TNG and what stopped that from happening, performing with Colm Meaney, Marina Sirtis, Carolyn Seymour, and the mayhem of working on the Klingon PC game.

Plus, the ties between Star Trek and Shakespeare, the incredibly long and arduous audition process to land the Tosk role, a surreal encounter with Patrick Stewart, and another even more odd moment with Richard Gere, the six-hour epic play “The Kentucky Cycle,” the way he understands his alien characters inside and out, stories from “Three Ninjas Knuckle Up,” a hilarious story from Charles Napier about William Shatner, and much more.

Come back next week for part two to learn about his time on the pilot of Voyager, his second DS9 appearance in “Hippocratic Oath” as the Jem’hadar named Goran’Agar, and his final role in multiple episodes from Enterprise as the evil Xindi Commander Dolim.

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