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24: Conrad Coates, Admiral Terral on “Star Trek Discovery”

With a new season of “Star Trek Discovery” launching this week, it makes perfect sense for us to chat with a character actor from the series! Today, we have the prolific Conrad Coates, who you may recall as Admiral Terral, a Vulcan who appeared in four episodes during season 1.

Conrad talks to us about the hush-hush process for being cast on DISCO, what he thought of the Vulcan ears, how to effectively act as an alien species who can’t emote, and what he did to make the role his own, an untold secret about the Discovery Starfleet uniforms, how he filmed the hologram sequences with Jason Isaacs, and more of his great memories from the show.

Plus, being on “Degrassi” and working with Aubrey Graham AKA Drake, being on Defiance as Tev’gin, time on the obscure “Car 54, Where Are You?” film, working with Steve Carrell in “Welcome to Marwen,” being Bartik in “Tron Legacy” and “Tron Uprising” alongside Michael Sheen,  the Conrad Coates acting academy, and teases us about who he plays in the upcoming Ubisoft game “Far Cry 6”, along with much more!

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