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63: Walter Koenig Goes Beyond “Star Trek”

In the past, I’ve always said how excited I was to chat with an actor who appeared on the original Star Trek. But, this time around, it’s not just any actor, but a key part of the bridge crew!

Walter Koenig was Ensign Pavel Chekov, who appeared in “Star Trek” starting in season 2 and continued to play the part through all of the TOS films and “Generations.” As I learned in his new book, “Beaming Up and Getting Off: Life Before and Beyond Star Trek,” Koenig struggled after the series ended and continued to feel resentment and frustration for a good part of his career due to the stigma of being in a sci-fi show. Today, Koenig understands who he is and what the character means to fans around the world as well as himself, and in this candid discussion, we talk all about that.

Hear some stories about Walter’s time as the Russian ensign aboard the Enterprise, working with Mark Lenard on a stage show, thoughts on his action figures, some of the shows and films he has appeared in, and much more in this intimate and surprising chat that gets to the core of who Walter Koenig truly is.

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