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81: Steve Varner, Star Trek Toy Sculptor From The 90s To Now

This week, we’re talking toys as we are joined by sculptor Steve Varner. This artist worked on toylines like Barbie, C.O.P.S., Army Ants, Inhumanoids, LJN WWF, Big Jim, and he sculpted the very first TMNT figure by playmates, alongside former Trek Untold guest Scott Hensey.

Steve discusses how he got into sculpting toys and some lines he worked in like, sculpting the aliens from the Star Trek TMP Mego figures, the mystery of the Will Riker figure’s stance, how playmates figures are made, how Seaquest DSV figures influenced trek, what feature he wished the Trek figures had, meeting Star Trek actors, and a look at some unreleased star trek figures!

More recently, Steve was announced as part of the team sculpting the new Star Trek figures for Playmates, which are coming out later this year. Unfortunately, this interview was done before that was announced, so we could not discuss it, but I hope to have a follow-up soon to see what we can learn about those toys!

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