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87: Paul Wight talks Star Trek & Tales from The Ring

This time on Trek Untold, it’s no BS with the biggest guest we have ever had on the show – literally! He is also the most Elite! We are visited by Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show in WWE, and now a commentator and wrestler in AEW. Trekkies will know Paul best as the Orion slave trader from the “Star Trek: Enterprise” episode “Borderlands,” where all seven feet of him was covered in green paint and prosthetics! Best of all, it turns out that Paul is a true Trekkie at heart and loved chatting about his favorite sci-fi franchise, something he doesn’t get to do very often.

Paul tells us about why he left WWE and his plans for AEW, what he wants to accomplish in the ring and out, who he wants to test himself against, how he thinks he can help the young upcoming talent to grow, and whether his beef with Shaq has been crushed or if he still wants a match against the NBA legend!

From there, it’s Trek talk, and Paul explains how he got the role on Enterprise, the arduous makeup process to turn this giant into an Orion, memories of working with Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, and Brent Spiner, which cast members were wrestling fans, along with the special gift he received from the production crew after his time on set.

Plus, his least favorite action figures of himself, working with William Shatner on WWE Raw, and his favorite Wrestlemania match!

Don’t forget to check out AEW Revolution on March 6, headlined by “Hangman” Adam Page defending his AEW World Championship against Adam Cole, CM Punk battling MJF in a brutal “dog collar match,” Britt Baker trying to retain her AEW Women’s Championship against Thunder Rosa, Chris Jericho brawling with Eddie Kingston, and a whole lot more. Available wherever you watch Pay-per-views with your local provider or online at Fite.TV!

NOTE: This interview was conducted weeks before Cody Rhodes announced his departure from the company, so we mention his name as if he is still there.

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